Kindergarten-5’s Enrichment Class

Choose our kindergarten program for your child! It is individualized, and offers a tremendous number of activities and opportunities for your child to learn, to become confident, and develop a life-long interest and love of learning.
The Sunshine & Rainbows ELC Five Year Old Enrichment Class Advantage is:
* Individual instruction
* Over 30 years combined teaching experience in both public and private schools
* Christian Catholic environment fostered through daily instruction and prayer
* Boundless opportunities for creativity and higher level thinking
* Ample opportunities for parent involvement
* Small class size (22 children to 3 adults)
* Experienced teachers with degrees
* Developmentally appropriate curriculum
* Spanish lessons
* Active learning environment with lots of hands-on experiences
* Fewer transitions-more “time on task”
* Enrichment in all curriculum areas
* Kinesthetic instruction included in all subject areas
* Coverage of all Educational Statndrds required by the State of Texas
* Small group reading and math instruction daily
* Three Parent Programs each year
* Home-School connection bridged with multiple academic programs
* Monthly parent info sessions

Typical comments shared from past parents of children enrolled in the class:

“You’ve encouraged and enhanced my son’s love for learning. He’s adjusted very well, and is making new friends. He was put into the highest math group and switched to the highest reading group as well. His work is top notch.”

“My child learned to love to learn. He has a solid foundation in math and writing. He learned so much and had a great time doing it!”

“My daughter gained confidence in her own knowledge.! She was extremely shy at the beginning of the year, and blossomed into a confident child ready to meet new challenges.”

“It is so worth it! My child loved it, and wishes they could come back! She is in 2nd grade now and it was the perfect foundation class for my child.”