Our Volunteers

At Sunshine & Rainbows ELC, our volunteers share their labor of love with our preschool by giving their time and physical energy for the good of our children.

Volunteering not only benefits our preschool, but also enriches our relationship with our own children. By volunteering our children witness our commitment to being actively involved in their school, and it teaches them by example the importance of volunteering and giving back.

Opportunities to Volunteer

During School day

  • Parent involvement days (usually 45m – 1 hr of service) during the school day
  • Assist/Contribute during spring Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Being a room parent
  • Assisting in the classroom as requested by a teacher

After Business Hours

  • Baking treats for the Bake Sale in November and February
  • Helping on the Saturdays of Playground Clean-up
  • Helping teachers/staff by taking home items to be cut out
  • Helping with the Craft Fair (2 hrs) or the Carnival (1hr)
  • Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)


 1515 N. Greenville Ave Allen, TX 75002





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